Parking garages and underground parking lots

Present drivers with a clean facility where they feel comfortable leaving their car.

When a driver enters your parking garage or underground parking lot, you want them to know they’ve come to a safe, well-maintained place. If they are locals, your facility will become their go-to parking solution; if they are visitors, they will be confident they know where to park next time they’re in town.

Cigarette butts, crumpled receipts and discarded drink containers have no place in your parking facility. A professional parking garage cleaning makes all the difference in making the right impression.

Poorly maintained parking facilities can be a magnet for crime. Clean My Parking Lot is your partner in keeping your facility looking its best. Besides offering the best parking lot cleaning in the northwest suburbs, our litter cleanup specialist will monitor your facility for vandalism, burned-out lights and other problems and alert you when he finds anything.