Gas station parking lots

Make your gas station a place where customers feel comfortable and confident about stopping to fuel up.

Travelers just passing through can make a mess of a gas station parking lot. More than half of all litter is produced by people in cars*, who don’t have a trash can readily available. When the car door opens, trash can fall out:

  • Empty bottles and cans
  • Paper cups
  • Food wrappers
  • Paper litter

Trash dropped while motorists fuel up – like cigarette butts or discarded pay-at-the-pump receipts – can add up to an unsightly mess that may make a cautious traveler think twice about stopping.

Clean My Parking Lot is here to rescue busy gas stations from parking lot litter. We’ll pick up those scraps of paper, cigarette butts and empty drink bottles. With regular parking lot cleaning, your gas station will be just the place travelers want to stop for fuel and snacks.