Clean and green

Clean and green

Clean and green

Keeping your property clean is not just good for business, it's good for the environment.

Litter cleanup helps to protect wildlife and make a positive environmental impact. A clean property shows customers you care.

Litter causes a real hazard for wildlife*. Wild animals are often attracted to garbage, which can lead to serious health complications if eaten. Overflowing garbage cans and discarded food wrappers in your parking lot may also attract rodents and pests you don’t want near your business.

Parking lot litter is more than unsightly; it impacts soil and water quality**. Trash can be blown by wind and rain, impacting the environment miles away from where it was first dropped. Much of it ends up in waterways, where it eventually drains to the ocean, contributing to a global problem.


Nearly half of Americans admit to littering. An estimated 1.4 billion pounds of litter winds up in the oceans every year. Much of this litter was discarded miles inland. An estimated 1 million birds die every year after becoming entangled in or swallowing litter.

Clean My Parking Lot is an easy way to make your business green. Be part of the solution to the global litter crisis by using the best parking lot cleaning service in the northwest suburbs.