Frequently Asked Questions

What area do you serve? ↑ up

Our service area includes Mt. Prospect, Prospect Heights, Wheeling, Palatine, Rolling Meadows, Arlington Heights, Des Plaines, Park Ridge and Elk Grove Village. Call to find out if your property is in our service area.

How do you price your litter cleanup service? ↑ up

Pricing depends on your needs. Factors that may impact your price include the size and location of your property, the neighborhood, and the presence of tenants who have the potential to generate a lot of litter (i.e., fast food restaurants). We will be happy to visit your property and talk about your litter cleanup needs to generate a free estimate just for you.

Will you be in my customers’ way? ↑ up

No. We clean your parking lot after hours, when there are as few vehicles around as possible. Not only does this keep us out of your customers’ way, it is necessary to make sure we can see all of the litter. It is impossible to thoroughly clean a parking lot during the business day – there is just too much vehicle traffic.

Do you offer other services? ↑ up

We believe it is better to be a master of our trade than to be a jack of all. We know some janitorial or landscaping companies offer parking lot cleanup as an additional service. The problem with an “additional service” is that it is not the company’s top priority. We give 100 percent of our attention to providing the best property litter cleanup in Chicago’s Northwest Suburbs, and our customers can see the difference.

Are you insured? ↑ up

Yes. We carry the necessary comprehensive liability insurance. Proof of coverage is available on request.

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