The Litter Cleanup Specialists

Clean My Parking Lot is an owner-operated business specializing in litter cleanup at commercial properties. We care about your property's appearance – so much, in fact, that property cleanup is all we do. As soon as they see your property, customers are making assumptions about what they will find inside. A clean, fresh exterior draws in customers, stops passers-by, and keeps tenants and neighbors happy.

The Best Parking Lot Cleaning in the Northwest Suburbs Of Chicago

Do I need litter cleanup?

A commercial property littered with paper, cigarette butts and other debris looks neglected and uninviting to potential customers. Dedicated parking lot cleanup is good for business, projecting an image that invites people to come inside.

Tailored to your schedule

We tailor our litter cleanup service to meet your needs. Though most clients have the best results with four to five cleanings a week, we can come as little as two days a week or as often as seven, all year long. All our services are performed after hours so customers aren't impacted. You can go home at night knowing that when you return, litter will be gone and your property will be clean and fresh.

Reliable and insured

We carry all the necessary liability insurance. When working with Clean My Parking Lot, you can rest assured you are working with a responsible, professional company.

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